Another Weekend, Another Owambe, and you know what that means, Makeup on Fleek!!!!

What we love most about the weekends is that there are a lot of parties and engagements to attend and we ladies must always have to look the part. Whether it is just a simple face beat, or an edgy look with a highlight as bright as the sun, we cannot afford to carry last.

There a lot of big names in the Makeup industry who are with no doubt our first option when Makeup comes to mind, but they are not our focus today. We want to shed the light on some very promising and talented Makeup artists who are not only making waves in Lagos and across the Nation, but are also really affordable when it comes to achieving the perfect Owambe Facebeat.

In no particular order, see list below.

Signature Touch Beauty



Polish Pro



Ote Naira Naira Makeovers




Misz Posh MUA



Radiez By Eve



Fab Hands Makeovers



Sooo Pro